Emergency cover for family

I had to have an operation at very short notice. My daughter lives abroad and my son was on holiday so I contacted Silver Concierge to help out for the few days required. They visited me when I was in hospital so I had some company. They had the keys to my house so they could feed my cat daily and could bring me my mail and other items I requested.
On the day I came out they met me at home having done some grocery shopping I had asked for which they put away for me. They made me a nice cuppa and helped me sort out my drugs into a pill dispenser before ringing and confirming my first physio appointment for the following week. I found the service to be extremely useful and reliable and it gave me and my family peace of mind. I will definitely use their services again and my cat definitely preferred staying at home to being put into a cattery !

J,V.F., Hale Barns, Private client