Be Independent at Home

We help with all the little things that make independent living easier and more enjoyable.

Our Concierge Companions help clients organise medication, arrange and keep appointments, and deal with post and personal administration. We keep an eye on diets, check expiry dates on food, and make sure any odd jobs are done and the house maintenance sorted. With her financial experience and background Louise can help you with paperwork, finances and budgeting.

Whatever comes up, our concierge companionship service gives you a friendly and reliable source of support to call on.

Case Study

Not everyone will require all of the services in this case study but it demonstrates the tailor-made services that Silver Concierge  can put together to suit individual needs.

Olga, Stockport, 98, Living independently
Olga is our oldest client ( our uoungest is 26) and she lives alone at home. Originally her nearest family member lived in London but now they live in Spain. We were introduced to Olga in 2010 by Age UK because she needed her house repairing and refurbishing. However the first task we helped her with was a legal issue. Olga had been doorstepped by a double glazing salesman, had signed a contract and given him a large deposit.

Given the information and particular circumstances we  contacted Trading Standards for the town the company was based. However with her permission and that of her daughter who lives abroad we  acted as Olga’s advocate and handled all the discussions, correspondence and paperwork on her behalf and only needed to introduce Olga to a solicitor for the final stage; thus reducing Olga’s'  stress and minimising costs. We were successful in getting back the large deposit Olga had paid. Subsequently we organised 3 quotes from our list of trusted vetted local reputable firms. Olga soon had the top grade double glazing she wanted at a much lower price so even with the legal costs and our services she ended up saving over £600  compared with her original contract.

Olga decided with her family that a retainer with Silver Concierge would be a good way for her to remain independent at home.

With a professional financial background, an enhanced CRB check and with our in house expertise and our connection to trusted, vetted suppliers we act as Olga’s advocate. We have helped her obtain quotes and employ regular services such as cleaning, gardening and getting her washing done as well as overseeing any house repairs and maintenance. We have done some decluttering and helped Olga manage her finances including her annual  tax return. We also take Olga out for trips to various garden centres for afternoon tea and a change of scenery and she loves to look around the plant displays and shop.

More recently we have helped Olga find carers to help her remain living independently at home. So she now has a daily visit for meal preparation and help bathing.  We have organised the installation of a downstairs toilet to make life easier as Olga did not want a stair lift. We have arranged services that will do home visits such as the podiatrist and the optician. So in fact anything that Olga agrees with her family abroad that will keep her in her own home as she does not want to live elsewhere.

We are able to keep her family fully informed of Olga’s situation and requests and make full use of the internet and texts so they can overview the financial arrangements, check any quotations and know what is happening in Olga’s life. She often ignores a ringing telephone if she just happens to fancy a bit of peace and quiet at that particular moment!

The benefit the family get is that they know that Olga has someone local who is looking out for Olga’s best interests and improving her quality of life. It also means that when they come on their regular trips from abroad they can spend quality time with Olga rather than spend it all dealing with a lot of chores and practical concerns.

Not everyone would need the level of support that Olga requests. In fact staying at home with a good quality of life costs Olga far far less than if she went into a care home – something she is adamant is not for her as she values her independence.  This case study demonstrates the tailor made services that Silver Concierge  can put together to suit individual needs.

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