Enjoy Company and Conversation

If you would like a regular visitor, we’d love to see you. How you spend the time is up to you. Your Companion can read your favourite magazine to you, reminisce about old times, or talk about current affairs.

If you enjoy hobbies and crafts, your Companion will be happy to learn and share the activity. Crosswords, Scrabble; card games – whatever you enjoy doing, your Companion will enjoy doing it with you.
Just one visit a week or even a fortnight can make a huge difference when you live alone. When you have a visit booked, you have something to look forward to. You know that you’ll have someone to talk to, to help you with anything that’s worrying you, and to keep you connected to the outside world.

For a free, no obligation discussion ring Louise  07986 219785  or  0161 456 8009  or email louise@silverconcierge.co.uk

Case Study

Nancy T, Marple, Cheshire 74 – Silver Concierge has completed a number of practical tasks for Nancy. These included  decluttering and emptying her kitchen before a new one was fitted and then organising the contents in the new storage,  home-staging her new apartment as she had downsized but had kept too many possessions;  teaching Nancy how to use her printer and also different programs on her computer.

Since then we have helped Nancy with using Facebook to stay in touch with family and friends and also post photographs of her hobbies and activities. Nancy wanted to go to the Manchester Bridgewater Hall for an evening performance of Handel’s Messiah. None of her friends wanted to go into a city of an evening so she asked us to arrange this treat for her. We are able to take advantage of the reduced tickets for companions – a facility Nancy was not aware of and that reduced the cost. A door to door service and someone to enjoy the evening with. Nancy was so delighted with her wonderful night out in town that she speaks about it now.