Enjoy Visits and Trips

When you want someone to join you on a trip out, you’ll find our friendly team provide good company as well as practical assistance. Just because you don’t have anyone to go out with shouldn’t mean you have to stay at home.

Whatever your age, you can’t always find people who share your interests and want to do the same things you do. As you get older, it can be even harder to find friends able to go out and about with you. And if you find it physically difficult to get out, visits and trips can be so hard to manage that you just give up trying.

With a Silver Concierge companion, you can do the activities you really want to do, confident that you’ll have someone friendly to go with you, chat to, and help you if you need it. A visit to the theatre, afternoon tea out,  taking part in sports or cultural activities or a trip to a shopping centre to choose presents for loved ones or items for yourselves all become not only possible, but enjoyable too.

Case Studies – ages 32 to 74

Andrew C, Handforth, Cheshire,  32. Andrew had suffered from health problems that had led to him to become isolated. Silver Concierge arranged and accompanied him on various trips including Ten Pin Bowling and experiencing the thrill of Sky Diving at Airkix near the Trafford Centre We were able to keep the costs of these trips to a minimum by looking at the offers available on sites such as Groupon which lists offers by location. Andrew went on to expand his social life.

Sarah M, Cheshire, 42 -  Sarah is unable to drive, has had some health issues and like us all sometimes her friends and family do not share her interests or are sometimes unavailable. She also lives in an area with poor public transport.
Sarah found Silver Concierge and she decided that a monthly retainer suited her. She pays for a set amount of hours and then we book out time throughout the month as required. We help Sarah with practical trips such as going to look at new furnishings, shopping which increases her feeling of independence given her transport issues.
Also leisure activities such as theatre trips, lunch or a coffee out, a trip to an art gallery, museum or National Trust or a day at Cheshire Show. In fact whatever Sarah fancies doing but doesn’t appeal to her friends or family or they are unavailable at the times she wants to do the activity. Sarah has relished the freedom that this arrangement gives to her and the improved quality of her life.  We have also been able to provide other services for Sarah such as practical help around the home and trusted vetted tradesmen for home repairs and refurbishment.

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