Companionship Services

Our companionship services help you live the life you want to live. Or you might want to engage our services to one of your loved ones. We provide a helping hand.

Whether you’d like help with day-to-day tasks, support with getting out and about, or simply someone to chat to, we’ll be there for you.It’s all too easy to become isolated when you have no-one to go out with, or you’re not able to leave the house easily.

If you’re starting to find routine tasks harder, you may be worrying about how long you can maintain your independence.

And if you don’t have anyone you can really talk to, it’s hard to keep going and stay cheerful.

Be Independent at Home            Enjoy Company and Conversation
Enjoy Visits and Trips                 Get Out and About
Peace of Mind for Relatives         Telecare Service

The Silver Concierge Companionship service is a lifeline to many people who are on their own or convalescing from an illness. Not only do we help with the basics, we can add fun and laughter, too.

It brings peace of mind to relatives worried they don’t have the time to give when it’s needed.  Or they may not live close enough to their loved ones to provide the assistance needed themselves.  ( Read about Olga and her family)

If you require lifestyle management assistance, house maintenance and repairs or decluttering take a look at our range of Concierge Services  or our trusted, vetted service providers and tradesmen.

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