Sounding Board / Mentoring Service

Louise mentors business clients personally. She helps you step back and consider your options, and provides advice and guidance from her own extensive business experience and knowledge. Your business will move forward as you agree objectives and work towards them.

When you need specific professional skills, but don’t know of anyone personally, talk to us.  If we don’t have the skills in house, we will know ( and trust)  someone who can provide the service you need.  You could be looking for a marketing expert, a translator, a telecoms expert, a copywriter, a social media or PR expert, or a print and design company; a solicitor, accountant or financial advisor, or any one of a wide range of people who provide business services.   Whatever you need doing, give us a call.

Whatever your business enquiry contact us to see how we can help. We can also introduce you to our colleagues and trusted vetted contacts if you require a very specific expertise. Ring Louise on 07986 219785 leave a message 0161 456 8009 or email Louise