My Life Pack ® Overview

My Life Pack ® getting you organised for life

“My Life Pack is a great product and I now certainly do have my life at my fingertips”  Nigel, Entrepreneur, Bowdon, Cheshire

 My Life Pack – Overview

My Life Pack has everything you need you get organised for life.

Do you find yourself rifling through cupboards and filing cabinets for a single phone number? A reference number? The key details of your pension plan?

You’re not alone. Many of us spend too much time searching when we’d rather be getting on with the more important things in life.

And that’s why My Life Pack was designed.

It’s not a diary, it’s not a simple organiser, it’s a life organiser – giving you back control over every aspect of your life.

Set out in easy to fill-in segments you can personalise your My Life Pack to suit your circumstances.

Overview of Contents of My Life Pack

On this page you’ll discover how each section of the My Life Pack will help you manage your daily life.

With checklists and essential information on every page, you’ll never have to rummage through cupboards again.


Table of contents

1    Personal Data 2   Practical Household Information
3    Address Book 4   Finances – savings and expenses
5    Children and Dependents 6   Pets
7    Vehicles 8   Internet footprint & technology management
9    Employment/Self Employment 10   Will and Funeral planning

Below is further information about the 10 different sections that are included in each copy of My life pack  that will help you manage your daily life as well as life’s milestone events.  For example one milestone event is moving house  or you might use it to help fill out a tax return - using the checklist columns in each section will help you manage the paperwork and tasks involved in these processes.

1 Personal Info
In this section you record personal data about you, your spouse or partner.

If you wish to record information about children please refer to section 5a and dependents in 5b.

There is also a sub section for you to list important dates and anniversaries by month.

2 Practical Info

The data in this section of My Life Pack is useful when managing your home and any other properties you rent or own. You can store your keys, information on key holders, security and property warranties, or equipment guarantees and external storage facilities. Utilities and other services are included in Section 4c, Finance Check List Liabilities.

3 Address Book
My Life Pack isn’t intended to provide a complete address book. Instead you can list the key people in your life, making it easier for you to access their details quickly, or for other people to access if you were unavailable for any reason.

There is a space for you to designate a Trusted Person (MTP – My Trusted Person). This is someone you’d call upon to sort things out if you were unable to do so yourself for any reason. There’s also spaces to indicate your next of kin and executor(s).

4 Finances
Manage your finances more efficiently by using this section of My Life Pack.

It shows you how to be organised by listing your assets and liabilities with the suppliers and providers names, contact details and reference numbers. You can keep a track of all your direct debits and standing orders.
For your convenience there is space for contact details of your financial advisor – although you may prefer to list this information in Section 3, the Address Book of Key Contacts.

Because controlling your finances is essential, we’ve split the Financial Management section of My Life Pack into three parts:

4a Finance – Assets

Record everything you own such as bank accounts, building society accounts, individual savings accounts (ISA), government bonds, premium bonds, endowment policies, insurance policies, shares, trusts, offshore accounts, overseas accounts, and any other assets you may have.

4b Finance– Children’s Assets

Here you can keep a record of all finances related information for your children. This will include items from the list above.

4c Finances – Liabilities

Stay on top of your outgoings by recording information on expenditures such as utilities, service providers, credit cards / store cards, loans, personal/private debts and HP.

5 Children and Dependents
This section of My Life Pack is to record personal and practical data about any children and dependents you are responsible for – one of the ways that My Life Pack becomes a handy quick reference manual for daily life.

With an aging population many people are looking after elderly relatives and parents and helping them manage their daily lives.

It’s so useful to have key information easily available and convenient to have it to hand so that you can make some arrangements from your own home instead of having to travel to the people you are assisting.

 5a Children  This section includes questions on medical contact information, education and activities and notes on guardians or their daily routines if you are unavailable for any reason. NB Children’s Assets are included in the Finance section 4b  

5b Dependents If you are responsible or help with their administration Section 5b will assist you.

It includes questions on medical contact information, activities, personal and practical information any external care agencies and their key contacts.  If you help with their finances we suggest using the spare column/amendment sheets included in Section 4a Assets and 4b Liabilities.  If their affairs are complex or more extensive you or they may consider completing a separate copy of My Life Pack so that they have their lives at their fingertips.

6 Vehicles (Cars/ Motorbikes / Caravans/ motorhomes)
My Life Pack also makes it easy to find insurance and ownership documents, or maintenance information in this section.

7 Pets
My Life Pack includes this section for the practicalities of looking after pets.
You can record vaccinations, insurance, daily routines and arrangements for when you are away from home.

8 Technology Section – Internet footprint
In our digital age, we all have an internet presence, a digital footprint. If for any reason we can’t cancel registration to social media, banking and shopping sites, it can cause upset and create difficulties for members of our family.

Our solution allows you to record your login and password information in a separate place from you’re my Life Pack. You are provided with 2 envelopes so you can designate either a safe place, or trusted person, who can keep your information confidentially and in a secure place.

9 Employment / Self Employment
If employment or self-employment applies to you then in this section you can record some key data about this aspect of your life.

10 Wills and Funeral Planning
With a clear outline to help your relatives at an emotional time, this section gives all the information your loved ones need to make necessary arrangements.

10a Wills
Here you can record practical information on where your will is being kept and who you’ve nominated as the executor(s) of your estate.

10b Funeral Planning
Funeral arrangements are very personal and should be carefully planned, as it is a celebration of your life.

Although not a topic we like to think about, this section guides your family in making arrangements with your blessing. By indicating your wishes, you are helping your family members to make the right decisions at a difficult time.


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