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House Decluttered and Refurbished Sale M33 3PG

This is a clients property that we completely decluttered and then refurbished. It had a new kitchen including appliances, a new boiler, most rooms had to be decorated and carpets laid throughout and then put on the market for the client who lived 200 miles away and had delegated all the work to us to project manage…Read More

What do you do with all the business cards you collect ?

What do you do with all the business cards you collect ?

Put them in a drawer?
or a file ?
put them in the bin if you haven’t contacted the business within a certain period of time?
play happy families with them ?  use them to light a bonfire or a BBQ ?

hmmmm 100 uses of a business card …………. sorry I digress

I’m not that into gadgets unlike my gadget mad husband but I really like one he got for me recently  A Pen Power World Card Duet2 ( where do they get the product names from ? )…ReadMore

Manchester Evening News Business Enterprise 20/7/2011

Silver Concierge  in the news  ……
Manchester Evening News 20/7/2011 Business Pages - Enterprise section page 36

Social media site Twitter has helped businesswoman Louise Barson win the attention of Dragons’ Den star Theo Paphitis, exposing her enterprise to over 141,000 of his followers.

Louise, who runs south Manchester firm Silver Concierge, was selected by Theo in his weekly Sunday evening business competition, which he runs on Twitter…Read More 

Time for a chocolate break

At Easter it was definitely time for a chocolate break from all the household chores and instead of the traditional easter egg we made brownies.

Here is a yummy recipe for flourless chocolate brownies, courtesy of Nigella Lawson which is delicious and very easy to make. You would not know it is flourless so it is suitable for everyone who likes chocolate and cake - it does contains nuts though!…ReadMore

Handymen in South Manchester

Need a handyman in your home or your business and live in South Manchester?

Silver Concierge can now provide a handymen service from MYHANDYMANCAN whose handymen are :-

Safe and Trustworthy – all the handymen are CRB checked and fully insured
Reliable and efficient – appointment time is specified and skilled tradesmen supplied

Our experience has shown us how difficult it can be to get good tradesmen at a transparent and honest price, especially to do all your little household repair jobs.We know that overcharging & bad workmanship is common place. MYHANDYMANCAN provides a reliable, safe and trusted maintenance and household repair service at a set hourly rate. No need to waste time getting several quotes…Read More

Winter Tips from our new HandyMan Service

CHRISTMAS is coming and the last thing anybody needs over the festive period is a household emergency. Last winter many home-owners were caught out by the arctic weather conditions, leaving them with hefty repair bills. Here is the My Handy Man Can guide to ensure you enjoy lots of Christmas cheer rather than an expensive festive hangover.


Have your gutters cleaned now to get rid of fallen leaves. These sit in your gutters and decompose causing lack of water flow and drainage problems. Water cascading down external walls is unsightly and can cause long term damage to the structure. If water backs up over the gutters and gets between the cavities it can cause damp problems. In severe cases the guttering can get so badly blocked that it causes a flood of debris back up the soil pipe into the bathroom causing massive damage…Read More

” This week I ‘ave mainly been … “

This week I ‘ave mainly been … “

I went on to be introduced to the third of this week’s potential new clients. This lady just needs a little practical support.  I am sure I would too if I was 95 years old – how fantastic to still be able to live independently in her own home!  And she has decided she does need an advocate so I’m currently sourcing quotes for some home maintenance she requires. This client lives a little out of our normal operating area so thanks to one of my network contacts, Jan, for a couple of contact numbers…Read More