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A Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Beautiful bouquets, jewellery and sweet treats are Mother’s Day essentials, but if you’re looking to give a functional extra with all-purpose longevity this year, look no further than My Life Pack ®.

The Gift of Time from Louise Barson.
My Life Pack has been written and created by Louise Barson, a Theo Paphitis Small Business Sunday award winner. My Life Pack life management manual makes a unique present of practicality, letting you celebrate the wonderful Mum in your life with the gift of time.

This functional comb-bound journal divides into clear sections with questions that can cover every aspect of your mother’s life. With an easy-to-fill-in grid format and extra page notes,  it’s the most flexible way to keep track of ALL her vital information. From recording dress sizes and special dates to financial management and looking after her pets, vehicles, home and family
- it’s the perfect way to declutter her life, helping to save her time, money and stress.

We’ve put together a few more tip-top Mother’s Day gift ideas and products thought up by a couple of our fellow #SBS winners…

Fabulous Floristry from Heather Gorringe

Brighten up Mother’s day and treat your favourite lady to fragrant florals from country-fied florist Wiggly Wigglers.
Their farmhouse flower artists boast beautiful British bouquets, fresh flowers and gorgeous garden gifts.

Delectable Delights from Matthew & Diana Short
Say it with a classic box of charming, home crafted chocolates from award-winning Lick The Spoon. Their heavenly creations have been nibbled on and loved by the likes of Nigella and the BBC. Choose from beautiful boxes, tasty truffles, drops, bars and cubes or opt for a tantalizing signature spoon.

Chocolate Shoes and purses from Azra

Or maybe with a scrumptious life-size choclate shoe;  with or without a matching purse; from Harrogate based designer Azra Chocolates. Her delicious designer creations combine Louboutin’s, pearls, diamonds and Belgian chocolate into delectable, edible art. Choose from high-end heels, embellished detailing and celebrity footwear. If the shoe fits… eat it!

Search for great gifts with Ask Her Friends from Ben & Alex
For easy, speedy suggestions and breezy browsing, check out Ask Her Friends. This genius website houses stacks of female friendly gift ideas and is guaranteed to help you find the perfect present for your lovely lady. You simply type in the occasion (e.g Mother’s day) enter your budget and search through a superb selection of gorgeous gifts that meet your budget and needs . If you wish you can enter more information about the person you are buying a present for in order to see a more tailored selection from the website for you to choose from.

jewelleryFinally how about a piece of bespoke handmade jewellery from Angela Smith?
Angela uses a variety of beads including freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystal, Venetian glass, dichroic glass, semi precious beads in her unique designs.


Whether you decide to pamper, go out, splash out or give the gift of time this Mother’s Day, we would like to wish you a happy one! Enjoy your time together!

Silver Concierge – Speaker at the APDO UK 2013 Conference

I’m delighted that I’ve been asked to be one of the speakers at this years annual APDO UK conference in London in May 2013 especially as the other presenters include Jasmine Harman who presents Britain’s Biggest Hoarders on BBC1. Jasmine has shared her journey in documentaries about helping her mother who is a hoarder. Her new series shows Jasmine helping people from all walks of life who are living in hoarded properties.  Jasmine has set up a website called Help for Hoarders which has some very useful resources.

Another speaker is the conference sponsor,  Simon Glanville from Store in Chester whose online website of useful storage and organising items is called A Place for Everything.  I’ve bought various items for clients from Simon’s store for a while  now and most recently bought some crystal shoe boxes, and drawer organisers for a client after we had weeded her wardrobe and saw what items would help her keep everything in order.

On this particular occasion I’ve been asked to talk about being more organised in business with lots of hints and tips for the audience. I’ve called my talk  ”Planning, your route to success”
I’ve also been asked to take along some copies of my organising manual ” My Life Pack … Your Life at Your Fingertips® “  to show to APDO UK members and guests.

I do speak at all sorts of other events on a range of topics  on subject of professional organising and decluttering.  Popular topics include “Tales of the Unexpected” -  which includes hints and tips for decluttering , “Time Flies” which includes organising tips and time management tips for you at home. So if you are looking for a speaker in the Manchester and Cheshire area on the topic of decluttering and organising do get in touch.

My Life Pack ®

Here’s why you and your family or clients need My Life Pack ®

Short of time

Diane, Busy Mum “It saves me such a lot of time managing our daily life – juggling work, home, the children’s activities and our pets. I’ve found it so useful I’ve now bought some copies as gifts for friends.”

Stressed …. can’t find information quickly

Eric, Business owner and family man “It’s like a sat nav for my life”

Declutter your life

Nigel, Entrepreneur “I love my gadgets but I had information kept on so many of them plus some of it was paperwork and some in the cloud. My Life Pack is a great product and I now certainly do have my life at my fingertips”

Get your affairs in order

Angela, single person, moving home ” It’s fantastic and has been so helpful for me organising my move and sorting out my finances. It would be a great gift for anyone setting up their first home too.”

Peace of Mind
Look after your loved ones

Beryl, OAP “I bought it because I wanted to get all my information together so it’s easier for my family to sort things out for me as I get older. In the meantime I know I’ve got everything in one place – so helpful especially as my memory isn’t what it used to be”

Looking for the perfect gift?

My Life Pack makes a lovely and thoughtful gift for all occasions – Christmas or birthdays/ anniversaries. As a wedding present or for someone who has moved house or had a baby or as a gift for a client.

Jen, Working mum ” I’ve bought one as a xmas present and another as a baby shower gift for a friend “

My Life Pack  …. giving the gift of time & getting you organised for life. My Life Pack is available online and from selected distributors anmd you can read more testimonials here.

Enquiries or for information on becoming a distributor : 0161 456 8009

Would you like your life at your fingertips?

Well the wet weather over recent months has had one benefit;  remember every
cloud has a silver lining; we haven’t minded too much
being sat in our office
completing the research and development for a project that we started back
in Autumn 2011. It’s for a new product that does just that …
i.e. It allows you to have your life at your fingertips!

As a concierge and lifestyle management service  we assist private clients of all ages as well as
businesses with professional organising and practical help using in house expertise or trusted,
vetted tradesmen and professional associates. Where we have acted as clutter consultants ( we
are members of APDOuk ) with clients at home or in business we have helped them make more
of their resources – space, time and money. So essentially we provide the gift of time to our
clients  – by doing the things they have to do whilst they do the things they want to do.

From providing a range of solutions for our private and business clients and from reading and
research  it would appear that time is something that everyone would like more of. People have
such busy lives,  juggling work and home commitments – there never seems to be enough time
to do everything required in a day.  They may have children and pets to look after and all the
organisation and paperwork that that seems to bring. With an aging population others are
finding that they also have responsiblity or need to assist their elderly relatives with their admin,
finances and general paperwork. They face life events such as moving house, getting married,
dealing with probate, changing finances.

So we got to thinking  - what if we could help more people save time?
How?  By helping them to have their life at their fingertips!

So coming soon to a place near you   …….. drumroll  ………

If you would like to receive more information about this new product when it is launched please send an email to


We will send you an update in due course giving you more information about the product.
My Life Pack saves you time and stress by having your life at your fingertips.
Just where you need it!

A grand day out at Cheshire Show

” Record numbers of people have visited this year’s Cheshire County Show. More than 80,000 enjoyed the vast rural festival under glorious blue skies and baking sun”  Click here to read more about this article from the Manchester Evening News back in 2010.

Would the weather be as good in 2012? Silver Concierge includes companionship services within the wide variety of practical assistance we offer and this Tuesday we were out and about with one of our clients who wanted company whilst they visited Cheshire Show …ReadMore

When I’m cleaning windows…….

Are you, or any of your contacts, looking for a first class window cleaning service ranging from a one off window clean through to weekly, fortnightly or monthly cleaning contract?

As a concierge company we have built up a list of reliable and excellent suppliers that are very useful for our clients. One of our contacts, Richard and his team have developed a fantastic reputation for fast, friendly, efficient but above all professional work throughout the Manchester and Cheshire area. The service covers domestic and commercial properties from shops right through to prestigious homes. Windows can also be cleaned for apartment buildings or premises up to 5 floors…Read More

Spring Cleaning – time to declutter !

The days are getting longer and the urge to do some spring cleaning around the garden is now passing onto the house. It’s time to declutter somewhere – a cupboard, the wardrobes or my office.

It can be hard going through your own clutter but you feel a sense of freedom when the clothes are hung neatly together or the shelves, cupboards or your office are all tidy and you know that you will use the items you have kept and those that are going will be useful to others. Such a time saver having things that you need easily to hand. This article which appeared in the Daily Express – “Wave goodbye to bad clutter habits forever” includes useful tips on decluttering…ReadMore

National Declutter Week – March 7th-18th 2012

I hope you enjoy this story I’ve had written for National Declutter Week 7 – 18th March 2012.  I chose a story format becuase I thought it might resonate more with events that happen in your family life that lead to your home being cluttered and how to deal with it.  If you’d like practical assistance and live in the Manchester or Cheshire area then please do contact me – Louise Barson, Silver Concierge 07986 219785  We are members of APDO UK   – The Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers.
We are offering a free daily declutter tip during the period of National Declutter Week If you would  like to receive these  to 18th March please email me at  with your request. Thereafter you are welcome to sign up to receive the declutter hints and tips that are included in our monthly newsletter.  Now please enjoy a decluttering story…Read More

Winter plumbing tips

Winter is coming, and with its arrival comes a variety of potential plumbing problems. Burst pipes, flooding, and cold showers are just a few of the problems households face during the winter months. Fortunately there are a few precautions you can take to minimise plumbing disasters…ReadMore

” Moving the beast from the balcony !! “

” This week I have mainly been …. “

Thursday ……. it was time for the beast to be moved!

That is the huge TV that needed to be removed from a balcony guest suite.  Since it had taken up residence the ordinary staircase had been replaced by a spiral one, now too narrow to carry the TV down.  My client had tried to get this done some time ago but the people had failed to get it shifted.  Would I succeed?  Well I didn’t have to physically move the beast myself thank goodness;  I found the correct straps to the job as well as two strapping chaps…ReadMore