Would you like your life at your fingertips?

Well the wet weather over recent months has had one benefit;  remember every
cloud has a silver lining; we haven’t minded too much
being sat in our office
completing the research and development for a project that we started back
in Autumn 2011. It’s for a new product that does just that …
i.e. It allows you to have your life at your fingertips!

As a concierge and lifestyle management service  we assist private clients of all ages as well as
businesses with professional organising and practical help using in house expertise or trusted,
vetted tradesmen and professional associates. Where we have acted as clutter consultants ( we
are members of APDOuk ) with clients at home or in business we have helped them make more
of their resources – space, time and money. So essentially we provide the gift of time to our
clients  – by doing the things they have to do whilst they do the things they want to do.

From providing a range of solutions for our private and business clients and from reading and
research  it would appear that time is something that everyone would like more of. People have
such busy lives,  juggling work and home commitments – there never seems to be enough time
to do everything required in a day.  They may have children and pets to look after and all the
organisation and paperwork that that seems to bring. With an aging population others are
finding that they also have responsiblity or need to assist their elderly relatives with their admin,
finances and general paperwork. They face life events such as moving house, getting married,
dealing with probate, changing finances.

So we got to thinking  - what if we could help more people save time?
How?  By helping them to have their life at their fingertips!

So coming soon to a place near you   …….. drumroll  ………

If you would like to receive more information about this new product when it is launched please send an email to louise@silverconcierge.co.uk


We will send you an update in due course giving you more information about the product.
My Life Pack saves you time and stress by having your life at your fingertips.
Just where you need it!

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